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Our Story

Our History

The story of the EZ Reaches Applicator—or, as we like to call it for short, EZRA—begins with a local Lubbock businessman who had great business sense and great vision. Like other entrepreneurs before him, Ronald Fleming had a problem that needed to be solved. He needed to apply a soothing lotion to the middle of his back, but he simply couldn’t reach. After scouring the marketplace for an acceptable solution, Mr. Fleming determined that there was, in fact, no quality product available to do the job. So, he created one. And it worked so well for him that he believed that others would find it invaluable as well.

In 2017, EZ Reach, LLC was formed, and Mr. Fleming began working on sales and marketing. In 2019, Mr. Fleming met Brandi Driggers, an accomplished local sales professional, and he invited her to offer him some honest feedback on his product. Brandi could immediately see his passion for the product, the company, and the potential. She was quickly sold on the EZ Reaches Applicator and began to work side-by-side with Mr. Fleming, refining the packaging and the pitch.

In 2020, the pandemic brought many of their efforts to a halt, but Mr. Fleming was not discouraged. It wasn’t good timing for EZRA, but the company quickly adapted and added an important and timely product line, stocking and selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to a wide variety of businesses. This provided capital so the company could continue to grow and allowed Mr. Fleming and Brandi time to continue developing and refining their brand and exposure in the marketplace.

Sadly, Mr. Fleming passed away in 2021, but not before selling the company to Brandi and her husband, Charles. From the beginning, Brandi had loved the product, saying “you don’t realize you need it…until you need it!” She has passionately pursued success for this business, sharing the benefits of the EZ Reaches Applicator with medical facilities, home health agencies, and assisted living facilities. The product is also available in local Lubbock retail stores, including Drug Emporium and local boutiques. The company has partnered with the Lubbock-based charitable organization, Team Luke Hope for Minds and its founder, Tim Siegal. A percentage of every sale supports their mission to enrich the lives of children with brain injuries and give hope to their families through support and education.

Brandi Driggers’ goal for EZRA is to make the product a household name. The product is patent-pending, and she firmly believes that the sky is the limit for her company.

Our Product

The EZ Reaches Applicator was born of a need to apply soothing lotion to hard-to-reach places. No more bending, twisting, or turning. No more messy options that often result in more lotion on your hands, your chair, or the floor than on the hard-to-reach spot you were trying to reach in the first place. The easy-to-extend applicator handle measures nearly 18 inches when fully extended, making the EZRA the perfect tool to easily reach your upper and lower back, legs, feet, and ankles.

Our cosmetic grade applicator sponges are non-absorbing and textured to hold product without dripping or sliding. Our textured scrubber sponge is perfect for use in the bath or shower to scrub, exfoliate, and increase blood circulation.

Apply all your topical products, including moisturizers, creams, medicated ointments, insect repellent, body gels, self-tanning creams, sunscreen, and even skin lightener to those areas that seem just out of reach. This applicator is perfect for individuals of all ages, including those with limited mobility or movement.

Brandi Driggers, CEO, EZ Reach, LLC

Brandi Driggers was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. She attended Texas Tech University, ultimately earning a master’s degree in special education. She taught for two years but discovered that her passion could not be found in the classroom. She left teaching to pursue a career in direct sales. In this industry, she found her calling. Her unstinting work ethic was born of her upbringing, which molded her and taught her to respect hard work and to “just keep going” when times get tough.

Her 21 years in the direct sales industry have provided many valuable lessons. Brandi knows her strengths and knows where she has opportunities for growth. She has learned that if you have a product you believe in, you can sell it. Serendipity put her in the path of Ronald Fleming and EZ Reaches Applicator, but she could envision the company as a success from the start. She is well positioned to lead EZRA and make it a household name.

Brandi and her husband, Charles have lived in Lubbock all their lives. They have very complementary skill sets—Charles handles day-to-day operational matters for the company while Brandi leads the sales and marketing efforts. They have two children, and they are a family of avid sports fanatics.