Carol Bius - Patient Testimonial

The EZ Reaches Applicator makes applying topical ointment to wounds simple, safe and effective. The cosmetic grade material of our Applicator Pads are antibacterial, antimicrobial and super soft to the touch! Watch Carol's story below to find out how the EZ Reaches Applicator helped her!

You Can't Help Getting Older, but You Don't Have to Get Old.

Keep your independence during daily activities like applying lotions to those hard to reach areas with the EZ Reaches Applicator. Extends up to 18 inches making every area on your body "EZ" to reach.

You love him, but you DON'T love touching his feet

The EZ Reaches Applicator is perfect for so many different types of products! Not only is it great for use on your upper and lower back, but it's also great for your lower extremities as well! Help your husband help himself, with the EZ Reaches Applicator!

 Perfect for any Age!

Young or old, we all struggle to reach that difficult spot in the middle of our backs. The EZ Reaches Applicator is perfect for any age! The handle extends up to 18 inches, giving the user increased range of motion regardless of the area of the body you are trying to reach. 


Easily Switch Between Applicator Pad and Scrubber Sponge

Did you know that each EZ Reaches Applicator Kit comes with 2 Applicator Pads and 1 Scrubber Sponge? Easily switch between the Applicator Pads for use outside of the bath or shower, to the Scrubber Sponge for daily exfoliation and increased circulation! The cosmetic grade material of our Scrubber Sponges is gentle enough for daily use and easily attaches with velcro! 



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