How to Use

Remove personal care synthetic sponge from plastic and firmly place the velcro side of sponge to the head of the applicator handle.


Use finger to apply topical lotion, cream, gels and more to sponge; or apply topical creams directly to sponge via lotion bottle or ointment tube. 


To extend applicator handle, place one hand at the base of the handle and one hand below the oscillating head, pull gently in opposite directions to extend the handle. Push to contract.


Use handle to apply topical creams to any hard to reach areas including neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, feet and legs.


Use a warm wash cloth to wipe away excess topical creams from applicator sponge after each use.


Wash applicator sponge with warm, soapy water after three uses. When applying prescriptions, wash sponge with warm soapy water after each use. 


To replace sponge, simply pull at the edges of the velcro until it detaches from applicator handle. Remove the new applicator pad from packaging and re-attach. If velcro becomes loose from back of applicator pad or scrubber sponge, remove the velcro and the pad/sponge will adhere to head of applicator handle on its own.


To store applicator handle, contract handle and place in drawer, cabinet or hang on a wall in your bathroom or shower. Handle is free-standing for counter tops.


If the applicator handle comes apart into two different pieces while extending, simply line the base of the handle up at the connection hole, then gently push the handle back into the base of the applicator as seen in the above photos.


New applicator pads can be ordered from the EZ Reaches website located at 
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