Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

EZ Reaches Applicator, LLC has shifted its focus so we can do our best to equip medical facilities, pharmacies, churches, businesses, and the Lubbock community with the much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including 
KN95 Masks, Non-Touch Thermometers and Surgical Masks.
We are a Lubbock local business looking to support those in need!
University Medical Center and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center are two among many of our several satisfied customers and are pleased with the quality of our product.
Sample KN95 Masks and Non-Touch Thermometers are available to view upon request.
Because no one can predict how State and Local Governmental regulations will change among the COVID-19 Pandemic, be sure to stock up now on available PPE to help protect yourself and others!

Please contact us at to place your order, or for more information including samples, pricing, and current availability in our Lubbock warehouse.



KN95 Respirator Masks 

    • KN95 masks are FDA approved and made to the highest standards. This is the most common in use to protect against the Coronavirus
    • Made for Adults to cover the nose and mouth
    • Masks are sold and sealed in a packages of 10
    • Packaged in accordance with Performance Standard GB2626-2006 on
    • Mainly used for respiratory protection of relevant personnel, filter air particles, and block droplets and a variety of microorganisms
    • Use only once, destroy after use
    • Samples are available upon request
    • For more information on the differences between the N95 and the KN95 masks, please click here.   


Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometers

  • The temperature probe uses an American Amphenol Thermopile sensor to collect hundreds of data per second
  • The measurement is accurate to 0.1 degree C
  • One button operation with dual temp measurement
  • Thermometers are sold individually 
  • Hospital Grade Thermometers
  • Demo available upon request


Disposable Face Masks 

  • Hospital Grade, 3-ply disposable masks
  • Can help to filter airborne particles, isolate droplets, saliva, etc. 
  • Wrap around design, full coverage, with built-in nose bridge to secure to face 
  • Masks are sold by the box, containing 50 masks/box
  • Samples are available upon request

Please contact us at to place your order! We CAN accommodate large corporate orders upon request!




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